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-----The English Master offers a unique, one-of-a-kind, inexpensive translation service ideal for native English-, Korean- or Russian-speaking professionals, business proprietors, students or just about anyone who wants to know the appropriate English, Korean or Russian phrase or expression for what he or she wants to say.  This is especially useful when it comes to making things that will be seen or heard by the public, e.g., store signs, newspapers, banners, menus, pamphlets, web pages, songs, etc.  Nothing disappoints native speakers of a language more than the negligent butchery of their native tongue.  For example, seeing menus advertising "Day Soup", newspaper headings labeled "International Comic", signs in stores saying "Season Greetings" or in public places saying "Today Ticket", and hearing popular song lyrics like "I want you stay" make any native English speaker cringe when in fact these errors, which sound much worse than they actually are, could have easily been avoided had the proper system been in place allowing the writers of the aforementioned consultation with a native speaker.  The same stands for any native speakers who observe their native tongue being butchered.  Well, now it is, through the English Master 's specialty service...

Phrase & Expression Translation

You never have to fall victim to such mistakes again.  For the low price of...


per phrase or expression, the English Master can help you and your business or organization avoid such an embarrassment!  Your menus will say "Soup of the Day"; your headings will be "International Comics";  your signs will read "Season's Greetings" and "Tickets for Today's Departures"; your songs will go "I wish you'd stay"; each of these corrections improving your image for less than 5 bucks!  And, we can do the same for Korean and Russian phrases.  Just send us the Korean/Russian/English phrase(s)/expression(s)* you want translated and a short explanation detailing how, when, where, for what purposes you intend to use the phrase/expression, and we will provide you with an appropriate and natural translation of what you send us. Along with the direct translation we will also send you FREE of charge a brief explanation to help you understand.  Here is a sample of a phrase translated into English:

The phrase you sent us translates into "Soup of the Day".  From your language one may be inclined to translate it as "Day Soup".  However, in English a noun-form adjective does not typically convey a "Genitive" or "possessive" relationship, i.e. imply "of".  According to the rules of English, as opposed to simple transliteration, "Day's Soup" or, better yet, "The Day's Soup" or "Today's Soup" would be better mistakes as "'s", the possessive form, and "of" sometimes convey a similar meaning.  However, the phrase "Soup of the Day" is the universally standard and understood English expression coming very literally from "Soup de Jour" in French.

*(We will determine on a case-by-case basis what qualifies as a phrase/expression.  These determinations will be NON-negotiable.  Generally speaking though, we will consider a phrase/expression to be one short cohesive set of words conveying one main idea or meaning.  Consequently, anything more than a "Simple Sentence" would not be considered a phrase/expression.)

Placing an Order

When submitting us your phrase(s)/expression(s) for translation, please:

1) attach them as a "Word" (.doc), HTML (.htm/.html) or "Text" (.txt) file,
2) number them so it is clear how many you are submitting,
3) be sure your e-mail address is correct and
4) send us a brief description of how, when, where and for what purposes you intend on using your phrase(s)/expression(s) so we can better serve you!

After receiving your order form, we will confirm the number of phrase(s)/expression(s) you sent.  Within 12 hours of your submission, we will send you an e-mail to the e-mail address you provided in the form.  In this e-mail we will indicate our total fee, the amount of time we need to do the translation(s) and provide you with a "Tracking Number" and a link to our billing page.  You will need the "Tracking Number" when filling out the billing form.  After we have secured your payment, we will send you your translated phrase(s)/expression(s) within the time frame indicated in our e-mail to you.

To submit your phrase(s)/expression(s) for translation into "Natural" English, go to our order form by clicking

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Document Translation*

As the goals of the English Master involve the promotion of English as the International Language throughout the world and educating people in accordance therewith, at this time the English Master offers little in the way of document translation.  We will, however, do Korean-to-English, English-to-Korean, Russian-to-English and Russian-to-Korean translation of short documents of up to approximately 2 pages** in length for $29.00 per page.  

*(Here the word "document" refers to an "obviously cohesive paper, report, letter, etc., which the translation thereof intends to be used as a whole by the client"; i.e., we will not accept work as a document which better be submitted to our "Phrase & Expression" translation service.  We reserve the right to reject all such submissions on a case-by-case basis.)  
**(One page equals 28 double-spaced lines formatted in Microsoft Word 2000 in 10 pt New Courier font with 1-inch left and right margins and no paragraph breaks or right-margin justification.)

Placing an Order

Step 1

First, fill out the short form to which there is a link at the bottom of this page.  When you fill it out, make sure your e-mail address is correct!  Otherwise, we will not be able to proceed!  Next, click the "Browse..." button next to "Attachments:".  Choose the file you want to send to us and "attach" it.  Make sure you send it in Microsoft Word format (.doc) or HTML format (.htm/.html)!  This is very important!  Finally, click the "submit" button.  A link to this form is at the bottom of this page!

Step 2

You will receive an e-mail reply from us at the e-mail address you gave us in "Step 1" within 36 hours.  In this e-mail, we will detail our fee and the amount of time we will need to complete the translation of your document.  The conclusions we have drawn and have informed you of in this e-mail are FINAL and NON-NEGOTIABLE!  In the subject line of the e-mail, as well as, in the body of the e-mail, there will be a "Tracking Number".  Also, there will be a link to our billing page in this e-mail.   You will need both of these in "Step 3".

Step 3

After you have decided to accept our services according to the terms stated in the e-mail mentioned in "Step 2", all you have to do is click on the link in your e-mail which will send you to our billing options page.  On this page, choose a billing option which will take you to the appropriate form on the secured information section of our web site.  Fill out the form.  Note that your agreement to pay by filling out a billing form confirms your acceptance of our services according to the terms stated in our e-mail reply, which was "Step 2"!  Follow all directions thoroughly until the process has been completed.  Remember your "Tracking Number" is in the subject line and body of the e-mail we sent you in "Step 2".  If you are paying by credit card, please type your "Tracking Number" in the space provided on the form.  This is very important because the amount of time we have to complete the translation of your document begins at this moment providing your credit card is immediately approved.  If you are using another billing option, the amount of time we have to complete the translation of your document begins when we have received a secured payment or have secured your payment in our bank account, e.g., the clearing of a check, the receipt of a money order by mail, the time-stamp of a wire transfer.  However, if you choose to use one of these alternative options, you will see on the billing form that extra time will be added to the time-frame within which we have to complete the translation of your document.  So, if you want your work completed in a prompt and expeditious manner, we recommend that you pay by credit card.

To begin this process, submit us your document NOW by clicking below!

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