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-----Subscription to the English Master 's reasonably-priced Q & A service makes the English Master your personal English consultant.  After creating your account, you will be able to submit your questions directly from the Q & A e-mail form at the English Master web site.  Whenever you have a question related to English grammar, vocabulary, whatever, you will be able to send it on in and know that you will get an adequately thorough and precise answer.  The English Master will always consider YOU when developing his response.  Although a set of questions may appear to be virtually the same to the untrained eye, the truth is an appropriate answer for an ESL student is usually quite different than one for an EFL student (the usage herein of the terms "ESL" and "EFL"  is explained in our Mission Statement); an explanation that works for a Russian student may not for a Korean and vice-versa; more obviously, an answer provided to a native speaker would be significantly different from one provided to a non-native speaker even if the question were the same.  The English Master will always try to be sensitive to the questioner's special needs so as to give an answer that is particularly useful to him or her.  Actually, it is preferred that you submit a short profile of yourself along with your question(s).  Subscription to the  English Master 's Q & A service is just...


For this price, you will receive an allotment of 10 questions.  So, you'll have an English professional at your service answering each of your questions for just $1.  Once your payment is received, your account is active, and you may immediately submit a question by going to the Home Page and clicking on "Q & A" in the members-only, premium services section!  Also, your subscription has no expiration date.  It does not expire until you have used up all 10 of your questions.  You will always get the answer to your question by e-mail within 24 hours.  If not, the answer is FREEIf at one sitting you have more than one question, even if related to each other, submit each one SEPARATELY as the English Master will give you ONLY ONE answer per e-mail/answer ONLY ONE question per e-mail!  If you submit an e-mail in which there are multiple questions or the ONE question you want answered cannot be determined, the English Master will contact you via e-mail regarding the problem within 18 hours at no charge.  Obviously, this causes a delay in your getting your answer.  This "ONE QUESTION/ONE ANSWER" policy has been implemented to avoid confusion regarding the amount of time, 24 hours, we have to respond to an e-mail and the number of questions with which you are charged, which would inevitably occur if we allowed more than one question per e-mail.  If you need the answer more immediately, you will have the option to submit your questions as "Urgent".  In these cases, the English Master will try to reply within 8 hours per question.  However, "Urgent" submissions are not guaranteed.  The English Master is only obligated to return an answer within 24 hours.  If an "Urgent" question is able to be answered by the English Master within 8 hours, you will be charged 2 questions.  Accordingly, if you only have 1 question left on your account, you would not be able to submit an "Urgent" question.  Below are three other very important notes to remember when subscribing to the Q & A service:

Important Notes for Subscribers to the Q & A Service

  • Submit all questions and personal profiles in English only!
    Submissions in other languages will not be accepted.  However, as a courtesy to our subscribers the
    English Master, at NO CHARGE, will send your question back to you cleaned up and corrected!

  • Along these lines, do not submit items for translation into English.
    Such requests should be submitted to the
    English Master 's
    special "Phrase & Expression" translation service.  Also, for obvious
    reasons, requests to translate items for the "Translation Club" will not be
    honored.  To go there, click "HERE!"

  • Since the English Master will target ONLY ONE question to be
    answered per e-mail,
    keep in mind that if you write a question that
    is too broad,
    the English Master may not be able to determine the exact question you want answered or the answer you receive will 
    probably be too broad to really help you.  So, please think through
    your questions thoroughly before submitting them and try to make
    them as precise and concise as possible so you get the most out the
    service and receive your answers without delay.

*IMPORTANT:  You need not have a question to ask the English Master now to sign up.  We recommend that you sign up without submitting a question especially if you are using an alternative payment method and not a credit card as your account will become active only when we have received a secured payment or have secured your payment in our bank account, e.g., the approval of a credit card, the clearing of a check, the receipt of a money order by mail or the time-stamp of a wire transfer.  If you use an alternative payment method, check, money order or wire transfer, your account will not be activated until payment is secured, and your question(s) will go unanswered until up to 36 hours per question after this time.  We would e-mail you at the moment of activation.

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