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-----The proofreading service is ideal for students and professionals who have written a report, letter, RÉSUMÉ or any type of document in English and want it to be 100% correct before submitting or sending it to its intended recipient.  The charges for the proofreading service will be based on both the quality and the length of the submission.  There are three levels of quality:  1) no re-writing needed just correction, 2) some re-writing needed along with correction, and 3) substantial re-writing needed along with correction.  Length will be considered on a per-page basis.  Quality and length influence both the charge for the services and the time required to complete the work.  Rush orders will be accepted and are offered for a slightly higher price.  The charts below detail this; however, the English Master reserves the right to consider all projects on a case-by-case basis.  Directions on placing an order are toward the bottom of the page; however, we strongly recommend that you take the time to read all the information on this page before submitting a document to us.  To go directly to the ordering information, click HERE.

Price Charts


*Quality of Submission Normal Delivery Rush Orders
No re-writing $4.00 - per page** $6.00 - per page
Some re-writing $7.00 - per page $9.00 - per page
Substantial re-writing $10.00 - per page $12.00 - per page

*(The "Quality" we judge a submission to be is NOT negotiable.  After assessing your work, you will be contacted via the e-mail address you gave us regarding the level of your submission.)
**(IMPORTANT:  With respect to pricing, one page equals 28 lines formatted in Microsoft Word 2000 in 10 pt New Courier font with 1-inch left and right margins and no paragraph breaks or right-margin justification.  However, regarding charts/tables, which potentially take up a lot of space, we will take out empty horizontal cells, but we will NOT pull charts/tables apart.  If you are not using Microsoft Word or HTML, please submit your documents as text.  Other than that, the format in which you submit your document to us does not matter because, for the purposes of determining the price, we will re-format it as stated above.  To view a sample document formatted in this way in Microsoft Word (.doc), click "
,HERE!"  To view the sample document in a similar format in your Notepad program as text (.txt), click ",HERE!"  Also note, pages will be rounded UP to the nearest half page.  Half-pages are simply half-price.  Again, this is all only in regards to pricing.  Your paper will be returned to you in the same format we received it.)

And, if you want a cover page of a report for school looked over, submit it to us along with your paper, and we will fix it up FREE of charge!!!!!

Personalized Evaluations

-----The personalized evaluation service is ideal for students and professionals who are genuinely interested in learning English, want classroom-type feedback and, ultimately, want to "learn from their mistakes."  If you want a personalized evaluation of your work, the following fees should be added on a per-document basis:

-----1 comment - $4.00 (recommended for short papers requiring "no re-writing")
-----2 comments - $9.00 (recommended for long papers requiring "no re-writing")
-----3 comments - $14.00 (recommended for short papers requiring "some re-writing")
-----4 comments - $19.00 (recommended for long papers requiring "some re-writing")
-----5 comments - $24.00 (recommended for short papers requiring "substantial re-writing")
-----6 comments - $29.00 (recommended for long papers requiring "substantial re-writing")

"Comments" will be written in English.  Each "comment" will target a particular area of English in which you are having difficulty or give you a tip on how you can improve your writing.  The emphasis of the former would probably be more on grammar and structure; the emphasis of the latter would likely be more on vocabulary and style.  Below are two samples of "comments" that might be made. The first "comment" would probably be for a low to mid-level EFL/ESL student who has made mistakes using the article, "the"; the second would probably be a "comment" for a high level EFL/ESL speaker or a native speaker who has difficulty using commas properly.

Sample Comment #1

-Comment- In your paper, you made mistakes when using the definite article, "the", with names of places, such as when you wrote:  "I lived in the France for five years."  It should read "I lived in France for five years."  Generally speaking, "the" is typically not placed before Proper Nouns/Names.  Do not let the name of a place like "the Netherlands" or "the Philippines" confuse you.  It sounds more natural to place "the" in front of "Netherlands" because it is as though the noun, "lands", is being modified by the adjective, "nether", similar to the way "United" modifies "States" when we say "the United States (of America)."  It is just that the former is pushed together forming one word.  The case of  "the Philippines" is not as simple, but, in essence the word "Philippines" means "the" lands or islands of King Philip necessitating the placement of the definite article, "the", before it.  In accordance, you can say, "the Hawaiian islands," but not "the Hawaii."

Sample Comment #2

-Comment- Although rules regarding commas are somewhat liberally applied as they can be used simply by the writer to indicate a pause, at times in your paper your utilization of commas could be said to be incorrect.  You often used commas before subordinating conjunctions like "because" and "even though" when you did not need to, as when you wrote:  "I wanted to become an airline attendant, because I love to travel..." and "I still aspire to work as an airline attendant, even though I currently have a good job at a travel agency."
First, a subordinating conjunction conjoins two clauses to make one sentence when the main idea of one clause is only significant given the main idea of the other.  The subordinating conjunction is placed before the dependent of the two clauses; i.e., the clause whose idea is only significant because the main idea of the other clause makes it significant.  Consequently, this subordinate clause is no longer a complete sentence; e.g., "Because I love to travel." is not a sentence.  You need the main clause.  
Now let's address the standards regarding commas in sentences with subordinating conjunctions.  Commas are not necessary when the subordinate clause follows the main clause.  This is actually a common error.  For example, if you had written for the second sentence, "Even though I currently have a good job at a travel agency, I still aspire to work as an airline attendant.", you would have been correct because you need the comma to indicate separation from the main clause clearly.  When the conjunction comes after the main clause, it, by itself, indicates separation.  However, you did use commas with subordinating conjunctions (of time) correctly, as when you wrote:  "I flew on an airplane for the first time when I was five years old." and "After I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted to work in the airline industry."  Just do the same when using other kinds of subordinating conjunctions, such as "because" which expresses reason (purpose or cause) and "even though" which indicates exception.  As for the other sentence above, the sentence should be written, "I wanted to become an airline attendant because I love to travel...", and although many English teachers would dissuade you from writing like this, the sentence "Because I love to travel, I wanted to become an airline attendant." is grammatically correct.


# of
Normal Delivery
No / Some / Substantial (re-writing)
Rush Orders
No / Some / Substantial (re-writing)
0 - 2 (up to) 24 hours / 36 hrs. /48 hrs.** (up to) 8 hrs. /16 hrs. /24 hrs.
2 - 5 36 /60 /72 12 /36 /48
5 - 10 48 /72 /96 24 /48 /72
10 - 20 72 /96 /120 36 /60 /84
20 - 30 96 /120 /156 60 /84 /120
30+ case-by-case case-by-case

*(These time-frames are only estimates.  After assessing your work, you will be contacted via the e-mail address you gave us as to the exact period of time within which we will complete your project.  This period begins as explained below in "Step 3"  of "How to Place an Order".  Your payment agreement/filling out of the form in "Step 3" confirms your acceptance of our services according to the terms stated in our e-mail reply to you.  Our e-mail reply is "Step 2" of "How to Place an Order".)
**(If you requested a personalized analysis of your work, expect up to 45 minutes to be added for each comment to ALL of the above estimates.)

How to Place an Order

Step 1

First, fill out the short form to which there is a link at the bottom of this page.  When you fill it out, make sure your e-mail address is correct!  Otherwise, we will not be able to proceed!  Next, click the "Browse..." button next to "Attachments:".  Choose the file you want to send to us and "attach" it.  Make sure you send it in Microsoft Word format (.doc), Text format (.txt) or HTML format (.htm or .html)!  This is very important!  Finally, click the "submit" button.  A link to this form is at the bottom of this page!

Step 2

You will receive an e-mail reply from us at the e-mail address you gave us in "Step 1" within 24 hours.  For "Rush Orders", we will try to reply more promptly.  In this e-mail, we will detail our fee and the time-frame within which we will complete the proofreading of your document, both of which are based on the quality and length of the document, as described above.  The conclusions we have drawn and have informed you of in this e-mail are FINAL and NON-NEGOTIABLE!  The e-mail will contain a "Tracking Number."  There will also be a link to our billing page.   You will need both of these in "Step 3".

Step 3

After you have decided to accept our services according to the terms stated in the e-mail mentioned in "Step 2", all you have to do is click on the link in your e-mail which will send you to our billing options page.  On this page, choose a billing option which will take you to the appropriate form on the secured information section of our web site.  Fill out the form.  Note that your agreement to pay by filling out a billing form confirms your acceptance of our services according to the terms stated in our e-mail reply, which was "Step 2"!  Follow all directions thoroughly until the process has been completed.  Remember your "Tracking Number" is in the e-mail we sent you in "Step 2".  If you are paying by credit card, please type your "Tracking Number" in the space provided on the form.  This is very important because the amount of time we have to complete the proofreading of your document begins at this moment providing your credit card is immediately approved.  If you are using another billing option, the amount of time we have to complete the proofreading of your document begins when we have received a secured payment or have secured your payment in our bank account, e.g., the clearing of a check, the receipt of a money order by mail, the time-stamp of a wire transfer.  However, if you choose to use one of these alternative options, you will see on the billing form that extra time will be added to the time-frame within which we have to complete the proofreading of your document.  So, if you want your work completed in a prompt and expeditious manner, we recommend that you pay by credit card.

To begin this process, submit us your document NOW by clicking below!

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