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Registration for the Translation Club starting on June 8th is now OPEN.

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Registration for the Translation Club that started on June 1st is now CLOSED.

-----The English Master 's Translation Club gives the busy student of English, or Korean for that matter, an opportunity to practice on a regular basis for a fee the fraction of the cost of a class and with the chance to win weekly contests.  Admission to the Translation Club is offered on a membership basis.  After becoming a member, you will have access to 4 tests of 10 translation exercises of varying degrees.  In order to meet the needs of students of varying levels, numbers 1 through 3 will be easy; the difficulty level of items 4 - 7 will be mid-range; while 8 - 10 will be quite challenging.  Also included in the Translation Club for free are the games Hangman and the On-line English Class Crossword Puzzle.  You will also have access to the English Master 's Password-protected "Translation Club/On-line Classes" Premium Services "Chatroom" where you can meet others who share your interest in learning English as well as foreigners studying Korean in the "On-line Korean Class".  The President of the English Master, the English Master himself, will make an appearance in the Chatroom twice a week.  Without including the access to the games or the Chatroom, each translation will be coming to you for less than 23˘ as the fee for the Translation Club is only...


-----The 4 tests will be posted on the web site 1 per week for 4 weeks.  Each new translation test, the answer key for the prior set, along with the week's Translation Contest winners will be posted on the web site every Tuesday morning Korea time.  In accordance, all contest submissions have to be submitted by midnight on Mondays Korea time.  It is important to remember that the membership is NOT a one-month or four-week membership.  The membership is good for 4 sets of translation exercises which are up on the web site from Tuesday morning to the following Tuesday morning.  So, if your membership were to start sometime Wednesday through Sunday, you would be granted access to the current week's exercises which would be 1 of your 4 allotted sets.  Also, the Tuesday your Translation Club membership expires, your Chatroom access will also be terminated.  Registration will not be permitted after midnight Sunday Korea time for the current week's translation items.  If you pay by credit card, your membership will begin within 12 hours after registering at which time you will be contacted by e-mail.  If you use an alternative payment method, your account will become active only when we have received a secured payment or have secured your payment in our bank account, e.g., the clearing of a check, the receipt of a money order by mail or the time-stamp of a wire transfer, at which time we will contact you by e-mail letting you know that your membership has begun.  Notes on the contests - the English Master will host 2 contests per set, one for Korean ESL/EFL students, the other for students of Korean.  The group in which you will be placed will determined by information gathered when you register.  The prizes will be recognition on the web site and a free one-month membership or a refund on your current membership.  For the time being, we are limiting the size of the prizes to dissuade cheating.  If we were giving away cars, for sure there would be people finding a way to cheat.  Also, at this time every member will be limited to one contest victory per sign-up, i.e., per 4 sets of exercises.

Correction Method

Besides the system automatically checking for mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary usage, the English Master will then personally look at all the ones on which a 100% was received for errors in capitalization.  Capitalization is the one category the English Master leaves up to you to figure out for yourself.  The English Master wants you to know how well you did in the four more crucial categories as they are on the word or sentence level as opposed to capitalization which is only on the letter level.  So, remember receiving a 100% does not necessarily mean your work is done.  In order to win the weekly translation club contest you will have had to:  1) receive a 100% on spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary usage and 2) have correctly capitalized the words, which you have to check for yourself.  The first to do so for each set of translation exercises wins!  Good Luck!

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