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  • Are you tired of posting your résumé on the web in "text" format, which does not at all illustrate the effort you put into making it?


  • Are you frustrated by "form" résumés that restrict your options, do not allow for sections that you want included in your résumé, and, bottom line, look poor?


  • Are you dissatisfied with services that charge upwards of $100 - $200 to look over your résumé and reconstruct it?


  • Would you prefer an on-line résumé-creation tool that requires just one step, just one press of a button, to a tool that requires you to press the "Submit" but over and over?


  • Would you like a résumé with a clean, simple, straightforward and professional look in just minutes?


  • Would you like your résumé posted on the internet in a place that does not require employers to log in so that you can simply provide a link to it in your e-mails and prospective employers can view it free of hassle?


If you answered "YES" to one or more of the questions above,
you NEED to check out the
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Résumé Maker

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